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The Role of Clinical Pharmacy

At Children’s Hospital Karachi (CHK) Clinical pharmacy provides direct patient care that boosts the use of authentic and safe medication and promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention.  

Clinical pharmacy at Children’s Hospital Karachi is licensed, temperature controlled and aims to contribute to safe medication use by providing comprehensive management to patients in CHK through ensuring authentic and quality medicines availability. The services include protocols management for chemotherapy, supportive care and ambulatory treatment for co-morbidities, medication information for the medical staff and patients, therapeutic drug monitoring (anticancer agents, anti-infective agents, immunosuppressive drugs in recipients of allogeneic stem cell transplantation), supportive care counseling (nutritional support, pain management, chemotherapy side-effects prophylaxis and treatment), elaboration of therapeutic guidelines and optimal use of economic resources.

Clinical pharmacy often works into a formal collaborative practice with the healthcare providers to create friendly work environment which boosts the learning opportunities for all relevant stakeholders.

Dr. Rubia Zafar Head of Clinical Pharmacy Services Pharm D, CRCP, M. Phil (Pharmacology)