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Patient Rights:

  1. Respect and Dignity: You should be treated with respect and dignity, and your medical wishes should be considered.
  2. Healthcare Access:You have the right to receive the best possible care available,
  3. Communication: Your medical team must inform you about your treatment options and services in a way that you can understand.
  4. Participation – it is your right to be involved in decisions and choices about your health.
  5. Financial Guidance: You have the right to know about the financial cost of your planned treatment.The cost provided is an estimate and may change over the course of your treatment.
  6. Privacy – your healthcare team must keep your personal information private and confidential.
  7. Comment – you have the right to comment on any issues you feel you have with your healthcare, and your healthcare team must address those concerns.
  8. Refusal of treatment: You have the right to refuse the treatment. The medical team will inform you about the consequences of the decision and proposed treatment plan. However, the hospital or its staff will not be responsible for any adverse outcome in case you or your representative decide to leave against the medical advice.
  9. Clinical Research and Trials: If you are enrolled in a research or a clinical trial, you have the right to withdraw at any time.
  10. Visitors: In case of in patient or daycare admission, you are allowed one attendant to accompany you. Rest of the people could visit according to the set visiting timings.

Patient Responsibilities:

  1. Complete and correct information: You are responsible for providing correct and complete information about your health and past medical history.
  2. Report changes: Youare responsible for reporting changes in your general health condition, symptoms, or allergies to the responsible caregiver.
  3. Compliance: You are responsible for following the recommended treatment plan you have agreed to, including instruction from doctors, nurses and otherhealth personnel.
  4. Appointments: You are responsible for keeping appointments.
  5. Respect: You are responsible for treating others with respect and you are responsible for following facility rules regarding smoking, noise, and use of electrical equipment.
  6. Payment: You are responsible for paying for your care.
  7. Property: You are responsible for respecting the property and rights of others. You are responsible for assisting in the control of noise and the number of visitors in your rooms